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April 5th - April 30th, 2018
Made in NY Media Center by IFP

Beyond light and space, these stars tell stories of a time and place. No matter how far apart we are, we're all connected, like these constellation of artists.

Featuring work from:
Ben Voldman
Cindy Suen
Drew Shields
Irene Feleo
Jean Jullien / Nicolas Jullien
John Balestrieri
Josh Cochran / Alexa Lim Haas / Eron Hare / Peter Carlson 
Matt Huynh
Michael C. Hsiung
Min Liu
Rose Wong
Taezoo Park
Taili Wu / Robin Ellis
Will Herring
Xaviera Lopez

Opening reception:
Thursday, April 5th (6-8pm) at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John St. Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan Bridge projection:
Thursday, May 3rd (dusk - 10pm)
Pearl Street Triangle in DUMBO Brooklyn (Water St & Pearl St.)

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deth p. sun and jen tong art show


(Art work now available online)

Deth P. Sun and Jen Tong
Opening reception: Friday, March 23rd (7-9pm)
March 23 - April 15, 2018

Our next art show is with two of my personal favorites, Deth P. Sun and Jen Tong. Please join us on Friday, March 23rd for the opening reception (7-9pm). Both Deth and Jen will be in the house. 

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red envelope show - 2018


Red Envelopes now available online (click here)!

The Red Envelope Show
Feb. 23rd - Mar. 11th                                                       

Grumpy Bert : 82 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

2018 is the Year of the Dog! Come celebrate the Lunar New Year with us. The art show features hundreds of original art on red envelopes by over 150 artists. Each envelope is also packed with a mystery surprise for only the buyers to see.

The show is not only an opportunity to check out amazing pieces of art, it's also a great opportunity to purchase affordable original art. Most pieces are under $100! 


Nellie Le

Rose Wong

Matt Stanton

Anthony Zinonos

Shirlin Zoo

Edward Ubiera

Hyesu Lee

Aaron Meshon

Julia Oldham

Featuring Artists:
Aaron Meshon 
Aaron Piland
Adam Miller
Adrian K
Adrienne Arredondo
Alan Zhang
Alden Viguilla
Alessandro Echevarria
Alexandra Beguez
Amy Bravo
Andrea Kang
Andrea Munchkin
Andrew Bell
Anthony DeBenedictis
Anthony Zinonos
Armando Rodriguez
Ashley Lucas
AT Pratt
Aya Kakeda
Becky Schmidt
Beulah Clinton
Brett Thompson
Brian Yihurn Byun
Bwana Spoons
Cameron Cundiff
Carmen Pizarro
Chandra Free
Christina Duarte
Clarissa David
Crys Yin
Dakota Sherman
Dan Goodsell
Danielle DeJesus
David Huang
David Jablow
Debra Ziss
Deepti Sunder
Denton Burrows
Derrick Holloman
Derti the Ripper
Deth P. Sun
Diana Vuong
Dianna Xu
Dingding Hu
Djsaniuka Pierre
Drew Shields
Edward Ubiera
Ellie Ji Yang
Emily New
Emily Young
A Duck Amuck
Frank Ape
Gemma Correll
Grace Lang
Haele Wolfe
Hannah Xenakis
Hellen Jo
Henry Bohan
Hwayeon Im
Hyesu Lee
Ike Sanchez
In Prime We Trust
Irene Feleo
Izzy Marbella
James Yang
Jane Wu
Jannese Rojas
Jay Riggio
Jeff Lowry
Jen Tong
Jennifer Merkin
Jenny Acosta
Jenny Drucker
Jenny Zychs
Jess Worby
Jia Sung
Joey Rex
John Lee
Jonathan Hart
Josh Chow
Josh Cochran
Julia Oldham
Julie Finn
Katrina Kopeloff
Kelly Denato
Kevin Chan
Kush Wright
Larry Giacoletti
Laura Galbraith
Lauren Rubin
Lian Cho
Linda Hu
Lisa Lim
Logan Fitzpatrick
Lon Wenger
Lucy Kagan
Mark Wang
Marte Ekhougen
Mataya King
Matt Stanton
Matt Huynh
Melissa Guion
Michael Hsiung
Michael Sorgatz
Mike Egan
Miranda Tacchia
Nadine Osborne
Natalie Shaw
Nate Bear
Nellie Le
Ness Lee
Nguyen Le
Nicole Rifkin
Nicky Davis
Nite Owl
Nusha Ashjaee
Olga Andreyeva
Patty Bowman
Rachel Jo
Ramiro Davaro-Comas
Rayed A. Mohamed
Rhi Kaos
Rhodora Jacob
Rob Plater
Robert Friedrich
Rod Rangel
Roland Tamayo
Roma Karas
Rose Wong
Roy Wade
Rumi Hara
Sam Kalda
Sara Varon
Sarah Van Rose
Shawn Cheng
Shirlin Zoo
Spring Hofeldt
Stephanie O'Byrne
Steve Alexander
Taisan Tanaka
The Black Cone
Theo Ellsworth
Thomas Colligan
Thomas Gambaro
Tiffany Le
Tripper Dungan
Troy Scat
Trudie Kaiser
Uijung Kim
Victor Kerlow
Vinnie Neuberg
Wizard Skull
Yao Xiao
Yue Ren
Zero Productivity
Zheng Chong


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beach babes, hot studs and other warm bodies


Beach Babes, Hot Studs and Other Warm Bodies
Opening reception January 6th (6-8pm)
Curated by Mark Wang.

Featuring artists:
Armando Rodriguez
Aseman Yari
AT Pratt
Atieh Sohrabi
Carmen Pizarro
Daniel Fishel
David Huang
Debra Ziss
Ellie Ji Yang 
Hannah Xenakis
Helen Li
Irene Feleo
Jeff Lowry
Jenny Zychs
Jeremy Sorese
Joey Rex
Mark Wang
Nicole Rifkin
Vinnie Neuberg 

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no holidayz till bklyn


No Holidayz Till BKLYN.

You name it, they’ll draw it. Get some customized original art by 5 awesome illustrators on the cheap, $20 bucks!!! Come by on Dec. 16th (1-5pm). The event is hosted by Remy the pug. It’s the perfect one of a kind holiday gift. 

Featuring illustrators Taisan Tanaka, Sara Varon, Aaron Meshon, Edward Ubiera and Roma Karas.

A portion of the show’s proceeds will be donated to a local Brooklyn animal shelter. 

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art fundraiser for puerto rico


Come out and support.
Saturday, October 21st (2:00pm-6:30pm)
100% of the proceeds will go to t
he good people of Puerto Rico. 
Curated by Danielle De Jesus.

Danielle De Jesus
Taino Image
Yazmeen Collazo
Daniel Alago
Treats by Three Tiers Bakery (cake artist) 
Nadya Martínez
Ralph Serrano
Layzor Ghunnzz
Kenji "PythonXMEN"
Danielle Mastrion
Jasmine Castillo
Krystal Rose
Gemm Anderson
Jose Aurelio

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ness lee solo show


Pieces are now up online (click here)

Ness Lee
"A Few Things"
November 4th - 26th, 2017


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bookend talk : furry friends welcome


Join Gemma Correll (A Pug's Guide to Etiquette), Aaron Meshon (The Best Days are Dog Days) and Sam Kalda (Of Cats and Men) as we get up close and personal with their furry friends and talk about their experiences illustrating animals in the publishing world. Moderated by illustrator, Debra Ziss. Bring your furry friends, they are definitely welcome!

Wednesday, September 13th at 7:00pm at Grumpy Bert. Seating is super limited.

Immediately following the talk will be our art reception for the Furry Friends Welcome group art show! 


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furry friends welcome : art show



(Pieces available online, click here)

Furry Friends Welcome
September 13 - October 15, 2017
Artist Talk: Wednesday, Sept. 13th (7:00pm)
Opening Reception: Wednesday, Sept. 13th (8:30pm)

Featuring artists: Adrienne Arredondo, Alexandra Beguez, Amy Bravo, Kevin Chan, Gemma Correll, Theo Ellsworth, Doctor Superhelga, Michael C. Hsiung, Sam Kalda, Uijung Kim, Roma Karas, Nellie Le, Aaron Meshon, Alabaster Pizzo, Deth P. Sun, Debra Ziss


Roma Karas

Uijung Kim

Theo Ellsworth

Aaron Meshon

Debra Ziss

Sam Kalda

Alabaster Pizzo

Nellie Le

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rachel jo - solo show


Pieces now available online (click here) 

'All Naturale', a solo show by Rachel Jo.
June 21 - July 16, 2017
Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 21st (7-9pm)
Live music from Make Music New York on opening night.

Show Description

“All Naturale” is a visual collaboration of all things natural – plants and nudes. Drawing inspirations from the current political climate and the artist’s own personal relationship with plants, a charged conversation is woven into every painting. All originals are painted with acrylic gouache on a wood panel, with a resin glaze on top.


Rachel Jo is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, best known for her colorful paintings of nude figures. Inspired by the simplistic design, color palette, and minimalistic elements from Matisse’s paper cutouts; each painting is crafted to characterize the boundless definitions of what it means to be a woman. The body language and reserved faces of her nudes puts the viewer into the figure’s shoes, combining both the artist’s and viewer’s subjective experiences.


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