Garden Party | April 18 - May 18, 2014


Garden Party
Featuring artists: Adrienne Arredondo, Hannah Xenakis and Rose Wong
April 18 - May 18, 2014

Art now available online for purchase:

Grumpy Bert is pleased to announce Garden Party:  a collection of works by freshly graduated artists Rose Wong, Hannah Xenakis and Adrienne Arredondo.  The show is a delightfully tasty celebration of the sweet treats and sunny retreats to come as winter blooms to spring and spring bursts into summer.

The collection is an enchanting warm weather adventure in the land of cakes, tea, and outdoor revelry.


Adrienne Arredondo is a Pratt graduate from Austin, Texas. She studied Illustration and likes weird little creatures.

Hannah Xenakis is a California-born artist and aspiring Illustrator recently graduated from Pratt Institute. Her personal work employs a playfully sophisticated menagerie of colorful figures and creatures through which she explores themes such as intimacy, play and nonsense.

Rose Wong studied Illustration and Design at the Pratt Institute. Her works tend to be intricate and line heavy, while playing with minimal color and complex patterns. The themes of her art lean toward the surreal and decorative. On the side, Rose is an active Tumblr blogger and enjoys drawing in her sketch book.

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