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rachel jo - solo show


Pieces now available online (click here) 

'All Naturale', a solo show by Rachel Jo.
June 21 - July 16, 2017
Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 21st (7-9pm)
Live music from Make Music New York on opening night.

Show Description

“All Naturale” is a visual collaboration of all things natural – plants and nudes. Drawing inspirations from the current political climate and the artist’s own personal relationship with plants, a charged conversation is woven into every painting. All originals are painted with acrylic gouache on a wood panel, with a resin glaze on top.


Rachel Jo is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, best known for her colorful paintings of nude figures. Inspired by the simplistic design, color palette, and minimalistic elements from Matisse’s paper cutouts; each painting is crafted to characterize the boundless definitions of what it means to be a woman. The body language and reserved faces of her nudes puts the viewer into the figure’s shoes, combining both the artist’s and viewer’s subjective experiences.


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