grumpy good show

grumpy bert had a wonderful turn out this past weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair. I am not necessarily a people person, but I must admit, it was great to meet and interact with people who like similar stuff. Since the fair was so close to the holidays it was an interesting crowd. There were the SPEED shoppers who were definitely on a mission and time was their enemy. Like one customer who said, “I’ll take the wooden gorilla, a pair of spok-spok and a joe the egg,” all within 10 seconds of walking in the booth. Then there were the NOSTALGIC shoppers, one in particular was going through a post break up who was contemplating whether or not to purchase an egg tart because it would remind her of her ex. The THINKERS made an appearance at the booth. These shoppers are heavily in thought, sometimes carefully examining the product, possibly trying to figure out if their favorite feline would be jealous if they saw this cat pillow furnished on the sofa. Of course there were the GRUMPY shoppers. These are the individuals who either despise the need to purchase something for the office white elephant or were dragged to go shopping with their friend or significant other. I’d say though, most of the grumps at least had a good chuckle when they came by our booth. Maybe because we have something in common or maybe they were smiling at the oven-mitt whale by puppycat. All in all, the two day fair was great, whom am I kidding it was exhausting, but still great.

Finally, thanks for all the friends, new and old who came by and said hello. A special thanks to these individuals too. Brandwell Creative for the awesome logo and site design! Taylor and Yuli, your support and wisdom through this process means so much, THANK YOU! Grace, you kicked ass at the booth. When my store front opens up and you need a spare gig, no need to look around, you’re hired! Amy and Eric, thanks for always being there for me. Mom and Dad, no need to worry, Grumpy Bert is alive and well. Lynne, I know it’s difficult being with a grump, but without you this dream would not have become a reality. I love you…blah blah blah.

*For those who were concerned about the shopper who had the egg tart dilemma. She didn’t buy it. Good for her I say. Good for me too because an eager SPEED shopper snagged it up right after she left.

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