Plush Stories : Opening Reception Photos 6/30/12

Plush Stories Reception

Plush Stories : These Plush of Mine
June 30 - August 5, 2012        
Grumpy Bert @ DeKalb Market 138 Willoughby St. Brooklyn, NY  
Tuesday - Sunday (11 - 6pm) Open later on special event days.


Why yes, those letters are plushie and squishy! (Thanks Lynne!)


What a pain to hang up, but really happy with the result.


Story wall...


...or a cool collage...


...or really random wall paper.


The Xylopholks were true troopers performing in 85 plus degree, high humidity heat.


Not a record breaker.  I once had a total of 13 people cramped inside my tiny shop.  Sure two were new born infants, but babies are people too. (I think)


It was super fun to meet Isabelle Garbani and Dan Collins's elephants, Tag and Elefant.


Jacqueline Jolly with Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie.


Now I can tell people that Bowie sat on the palm of my hands.


Mary Padden with Teddy.


Visiting from Oakland, Kayen, here with James Suffern, was so excited to see her dad, DeWayne Dickerson's story up on the wall.  Oreo!


10 year old, Kai Solik dreams of a world of plush...plushie clouds is an excellent start.


Purely a coincidence that Blackie the pig is made out of the same material as the plush letters.


The photo doesn't do justice for Blackie's custom hand tailored jacket. Beautiful!


Christopher came out to read his friend, Tracey Chan's story about a grumpy bear.


Hey that's me (Grumpy Bert) with Melinda Mae who wrote a story about a plush manatee. (I realize I look a little tipsy, but believe me, I am dry as a bone)


I considered placing some photos on the ceiling. Might have been rad, though possibly uncomfortable to read. But a great photo-op. 


Doggies are certainly welcome inside. My pug Remy wasn't able to make it because of the hot weather, but was still with me at all times (see my hat, two photos above)





Wolfgang Ryan submitted a story of a sock monkey who apparently hit puberty.   


(L-R) AC Haley, Blackie Miller, Kai Solik, Wolfgang Ryan


Matthew Rader with Mister Wubba.


Mister Wubba has a wing span of approximately 26 inches.


Plush gang. Watch out!


Mike Haley with Blackie the pig.  Both dressed to the nines!

Until tomorrow...Nighty-night.

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